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Modules make you more efficient

Why do companies make you pay for more functionality than you need? We separate our solutions into independent, interchangeable modules so you get — and pay for — only what you need and nothing more.

Implement only what you need

Tired of maintaining massive systems — and using only a fraction of the total functionality — to get the capabilities you need? So are we. That's why our modular approach let's you implement only what you need. Forget the rest — it won't help you.

Pay only for what you use

Are you starting get the picture yet? We only want you to pay for what you'll use. Our "modular approach, and implement only what you need" philosophy helps you achieve your business goals without breaking the bank for a bunch of stuff you don't need.

Our Mission at AdminisTEP

AdminisTEP enables healthcare organizations to increase claims throughput, and more efficiently manage claims transactions by resolving errors when they occur. Plus, AdminisTEP streamlines the handling of non-claims transactions — correspondence, medical records, and more — to lower payor's administrative costs, increase provider efficiency and boost everyone's productivity.

Core Components

Health plans can manage multiple business lines with AdminisTEP, scrub claims to identify and correct errors, and elevate first-pass rates up to 93% or better. Further streamlining your operations is AdminisTEP's Digital Mailroom capabilities, which convert your paper-based claims, correspondence, encounter data and more into electronic formats.

They trust us, so you can too!